Gameloft releases Oregon Trail: Settler for free on the Android Market

The remade and modernized version of the Oregon Trail game, called Oregon Trail: Settler, has been released onto the Android Market by Gameloft. This is a sort of Sim City / Farmville type of game where you will be building a town while harvesting food and meat for your townsfolk.

As you progress through the game you will level up, unlocking more items for you to build. A lot of the structures have special abilities as well as effects on certain stats of your overall town. Some improve your building rate, others give you cash at regular intervals and so on.

Oregon Trail: Settlers Features:

– A new adventure gathering features you loved from the original “The Oregon Trail” plus great new ones from this brand new game!
– Create your own personalized frontier town by adding buildings, animals, crops and taking care of your people’s happiness. Earn gold and buy all kinds of items to really make it unique.
– Meet up with some of the most important figures in history and have a quick and educational chat, or talk to your townsfolk to uncover quests and some fascinating historical facts.
– The West truly is a wild and dangerous place, and you never know whether a stampede of buffalo, a hurricane or bandit attacks may strike! Use strategy to make the best choice and protect your village from anything!
– Play the fun Hunting or Fishing mini-games to gather resources for your people and stockpile enough supplies to get you through even the toughest of times.

While the game is free to download it does come with an in-app store where you can purchase money to quickly regenerate energy or buy extra items. This is completely optional as energy rejuvenates one point every three minutes and not everything takes one point of energy to do. Granted stamina systems generally suck but this one is at least manageable where you don’t really need to worry about buying anything in-game if you don’t want to.

So if you are up for a little Sim City / Farmville action in the wild west this holiday season, you might want to check this game out. You can download Oregon Trail: Settler off the Android Market for free. Once you download it you will need to download an additional 28MB of data.

Developer Website: Gameloft

Android Market Link: Oregon Trail: Settler

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