Gameloft releases Platinum Solitaire 3 onto Android complete with magic tricks?

Gameloft has just released a new game onto the Android Market for all of you who enjoy card games. Platinum Solitaire 3 is a set of card games along with unlockable content and even magic tricks for you to play on your Android Device. It’s a complete package!

In Platinum Solitaire 3 you’ll be able to play the classics and variants of them with characters to unlock, unlockable content and various other features that you can find such as magic tricks. There are a total of 17 games to play which will end up giving you plenty of entertainment for awhile if you like card games.


  • Play classic Solitaire for hours & try to beat your best score; you’ll be addicted in no time!
  • Enjoy 17 different card games for all types of fun, including Spider, FreeCell, and Pyramid.
  • Easy-to-understand tutorials and in-game hints will help you to start having fun right away.
  • Win high stakes games all over the world & build a reputation in Rio, Dubai, Paris, Vegas & more.
  • Adjusted betting system helps beginners get started but creates lots of challenge for experts.
  • Unlock tons of new content as you progress: New characters, locations, magic tricks & more!



This is definitely a bit of a new take on the old card games but it seems like it could breath some fresh air into them. If you enjoy card games you might want to check this out. The price is nice too. You can grab Platinum Solitaire 3 off the Android Market for $0.99. A bit of a side step from their usual games so it will be interesting to see how everyone takes to it.

Developer Website: Gameloft

Android Market Link: Platinum Solitaire 3


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