Gameloft’s New 3D Games

Gameloft has decided to show some more love to Android phones after their successful release of Asphalt 5 with the release of nine more 3D games. All of these games looks pretty impressive graphically and cover a wide range of genres from FPS games to RPGs. Here is a quick rundown of each game as well as ways to purchase them.

Modern Combat: Sandstorm – $4.99

Modern Combat is an FPS game following the modern warfare theme. This game features 3D graphics, local and online multiplayer with up to 4 players competing on three different maps, 10 different solo missions, three ways to control your character (Default, Screen Taps and Virtual Sticks), as well as 2 extra modes for more precise shooting (Ironsight and Sniper mode).

Let’s Golf – $4.99

Let’s Golf is a 3D golfing game for your Android device that looks a lot like the standard cartoon style golf games that used to come out for the more recent Nintendo consoles. With 63 holes and 4 characters to choose from, there is a lot of replay value when it comes to this game. There are also two modes of play, Advanced and Casual, for you to choose from depending on how you like to play your golf games.

Hero of Sparta – $4.99

Hero of Sparta is a 3D Hack n’ Slash action game featuring a full 3D experience with movement and environments. It’s not just hack n’ slashing your way through the 8 different levels – you’ve also got to solve puzzles along the way. Your character also comes complete with special mythic weapons and moves allowing you to pull off combos as you progress through the game.

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X – $4.99

Get your aerial combat fix with H.A.W.X., which features great 3D graphics. It includes 13 missions with 26 different planes fully rendered in 3D for you to play with real locations rendered in 3D as well using GeoEye satellite imagery. To top all of that off, this game also features local multiplayer mode with up to four different players and two ways to control your planes: Accelerometer or Virtual Joysticks.

Real Football 2010 – $4.99

Real Football 2010 has to be one of the most in-depth 3D soccer games I’ve seen on Android. This game has a ton of features such as 8 Leagues with a total of 245 teams, all with real player names as well as 14 stadiums to play in. There is also local multiplayer mode to play against your friends as well as exclusive game modes such as Enter the Legend and the RF League (online leaderboard). Each match also comes complete with it’s own voice commentary during the game just like on TV. Finally, you also get a football RSS feed to get all the latest scores directly from inside the games main menu as well as online updates of the player database to keep your game up-to-date with all the latest player transfers!

Dungeon Hunter – $4.99

For the Diablo game series fans out there, Dungeon Hunter offers up an almost identical style of gameplay for you to have on your Android phone. You can choose from three different classes: Mage, Knight or Rogue and 5 Faeries each with their own personalities and abilities. As you progress through the game you gain XP points and levels and at each level you can add points into your skills to learn new abilities or increase the power of ones you already have! Top it all off with hundreds of items to find or buy from merchants, and what you end up with is a great 3D RPG/Hack n’ Slash game with a ton of replay value.

Gangstar: West Coast Hustle – $4.99

Gangstar is essentially Grand Theft Auto for your Android phone. The game features an open-ended environment which allows you to drive for miles and miles should you choose to. This open-ended environment is also completely rendered in 3D with detailed buildings and landscapes, animated cars that take crash, and a whole lot more. This is serious eye candy, as with all of Gameloft’s new games. You can do whatever you like in this game, whether it’s actually completing quests or just stealing cars, making money and dealing with enemies at your own pace. You can also choose a radio station you like from the ones provided in-game so as to customize your gaming experience even further.

Nova – $4.99

Nova is a lot like Halo in theme and looks. It includes 13 levels in single player campaign as well as the ability to play against people via local and online multiplayer. The game also comes with a world wide leaderboard and its very own website dedicated to the game where standings are also shown. You have 6 weapons to choose from in addition to grenades and machine gun turrets. Additionally, the entire game is full rendered detailed 3D graphics, which takes your gaming experience to a whole new level.

Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicels – $4.99

Following the past release of Assassin’s Creed comes Altair’s Chronicles, this game features full 3D environments as well as 3D cinematic cut-scenes, just like the console version. This gem of a game also features all the acrobatic type moves you would expect to find in this title as well as mini-games such as pickpocketing. You also have 6 weapons at your disposal with the ability to upgrade them as you progress through the game.

You can’t purchase these on the Android Market just yet, so to buy one of these great titles you’ll have to head over to Gameloft’s site and purchase them there. All of these games feature incredible graphics and gameplay, which have made Gameloft one of the best 3D game developers for Android. Please keep in mind that some of these games may not perform their best on last-gen devices due to all the 3D rendering.

It’s great to see more and more high quality games becoming available for us Android users. This should really push other developers to get their games up to this standard and more iPhone game developers to switch over and port their games for Android devices. So on that note, I must ask: which games would you consider buying?

Update May 18,2010: A lot of users are reporting that the majority of the games aren’t working properly. We have no idea why that is, and Reddragon72 in the comments has been following this by trying out the games and confirming it. Also, Gameloft released a statement via Twitter about the games:

We announced 10 HD games for Android smartphones: they’ll be live Friday through Gameloft’s wap & website – Gameloft

Whether this is why the games are not working or it’s another reason we are unsure of.

[Thanks to Reddragon72 for the great tip!]

Developer Website: Gameloft

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