GameString – The Who, What, When, Where and Why

GameString, the company that is bringing gaming in the ‘Cloud’ technology to any device that can access it. In our article yesterday regarding playing World of Warcraft on Android devices, GameString were responsible for this accomplishment. As a follow-up to that, we decided to write more about GameString so everyone is a bit more familiar with them.

Currently in the Alpha stages of development, GameString allows you to play games online via the ‘Cloud’. This allows you to play all your favorite games while on the go, not just World of Warcraft. Also known as Gaming-as-a-service (GaaS), your game’s content will be streamed from the cloud into the device you want to play it with while the actual device itself handles the user interface. This will free up the processor from having to handle everything which would, in turn, make a game like World of Warcraft lag and unplayable.

“Our unique GaaS and Dual Rendering technologies let the cloud do all the crunchy processing stuff while your web browser handles the game UI. Divide and conquer!” – GameString

There are two sections to GameStrings, Developers/Publishers and Gamers. Gamers can take advantage of GameString through their product, Adrenaline. What Adrenaline does is as follows:

  • Allows you to remotely play your 3D games installed on your PC through a web browser.
  • Broadcast live gameplay through streaming services like
  • Share your game with others by allowing them to access/play your 3D games


Other information is being kept quiet, at least publicly on the Adrenaline site. The beta will open in 44 day which you can sign-up for right now. Once the beta goes live, you’ll be able to download the Adrenaline client, log-in and play your games on the go.

Developers/Publishers who want to run their own GaaS network and hardware will have an SDK available for their use. The SDK will be free for download and licensing fees are relatively cheap, running at $25 per host box (server) per month. If you only have one server, it’s only $25/month for the license. The SDK is also expected to have quarterly updates released.

While the service in theory is great for any gamer whether hardcore or casual, a strong connection is probably going to be a mandatory necessity in order to stream the content of 3D games with minimal lag, just as with a PC and having a good ping. With strong 3G and ‘4G’ networks spreading all over the place, this may not be too much of a concern soon. There is always Wi-Fi as well.

You’ll also want to make sure you have a phone with a decent processor. Of course with Tegra 2 devices hitting shelves soon, this also may not be a concern soon. Even most current Android devices should be able to handle gaming in this nature decently. If an Desire HD can, most should.

While all the good technical details are still under wraps while in the Alpha stages of development, the moment the SDK is available we will be tearing into it to see all the goods. Until then, stay tuned as we have more information about GameStrings coming soon!

To check out GameString in action, head over to yesterday’s article about play WoW on your Android phone! So if you had your choice, what game would you play using this and your Android device?

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