Day: 3 December 2010


GameString – The Who, What, When, Where and Why

GameString, the company that is bringing gaming in the ‘Cloud’ technology to any device that can access it. In our article yesterday regarding playing World of Warcraft on Android devices, GameString were responsible for this accomplishment. As a follow-up to that, we decided to write more about GameString so everyone is a bit more familiar with them.


nVIDIA tells us why we need dual-core phones, we agree

In a recent whitepaper addressed to us by nVIDIA, the shared benefits of the Tegra 2 and the ARM Cortex A9 architecture are discussed in detail and oh do they look sweet. Lower power usage, faster web browsing, richer 3D graphics and faster multi-tasking are among just some of the benefits found with their chipsets. nVIDIA tells us dual core is the future, and we can’t help but agree.