Rumor: Next Angry Birds Seasons update to be… Valentine’s Day

With Angry Birds Seasons now available for iOS and Android, getting updates out shouldn’t be too much of a hassle, at least we would hope so. PocketGamer is stirring up the rumor mill with a post talking about the next update for the ‘Seasons’ version of Angry Birds. What is it? Valentine’s Day according to them!

According to PocketGamer, the next slated update for ‘Seasons’ is around/before the day of love and chocolate. Swap the pumpkins and presents out for some hearts and chocolates, put them in new stages and you have yourself the new update for Angry Birds Seasons.

Also adding fuel to the rumor fire is the possibility of a new bird coming our way in that update as well. While details haven’t been released yet, I’m sure we could all think up some good ideas on how to make the new bird related to Valentine’s Day. What I would have liked to see is a New Year update featuring a drunken Angry Bird… now that would be interesting.

The iOS version of Seasons will more then likely receive the update first, slightly before Android, if history repeats itself.

Correction: Angry Birds Seasons was out for Android before iOS. I meant to say that Angry birds Christmas and Halloween were available for iOS before Android. Same goes for most Angry Birds updates. Blame lack of coffee for my bad wording. Thanks The Drizzle! This is why we love all our readers! Keep us on our toes.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Developer Website: Rovio

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