[GDC 2011] Gamebook Adventures to come to Android in the future. Choose your own adventure-style awesomeness.

We got to sit down with a few developers from Australia and even though they are mostly iOS developers, they are planning to bring their games to Android as well. One such developer is Tin Man Games which produces the series called Gamebook Adventures. These are a ‘choose your own adventure’ type of game.

What was a pleasant surprise though when we were talking to Ben Britten from Tin Man Games is that the Gamebook Adventure series of games are not just text-based but instead have some impressive visuals. In fact, dare we say, it was visually beautiful. Every aspect of the book we were playing was graphically beautiful from the weathered look of the pages to your character sheet and even the dice rolling had smooth animation and a great look to them. Combat is all done using dice rolls and you can even bump your device to try to make the rolls land in your favor although it doesn’t always work out that way which we witnessed.


You’ll also be able to ‘Bookmark’ your page which is basically just saving your game on whatever page you are on. However, the harder you increase the difficulty of the game, the less bookmarks you get with the hardest level only having three, so you’ll have to choose when to use them carefully.

When can we see these great adventure books landing on Android? Sometime this year since right now Tin Man Games are currently working on a couple of books for iOS right now which they want to get done before porting any of them over. It is worth the wait though. If you want to check out what books they already have complete, just head over to the Tin Man Games website and take a look!

Developer Website: Tin Man Games

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