[GDC 2011] Nexon breaking into the mobile gaming world, Kartrider Rush coming to Android

You may or may not have heard about Nexon before although we are thinking you have in some fashion. They have developed a lot of hugely popular browser-based games such as Kartrider Rush and Maple Story. Nexon was also the first company to create the Freemium business model and integrate it into their games.

After all the success Nexon has seen, they have decided to jump into the mobile gaming arena and are getting ready to unleashed their biggest game onto Android, Kartrider Rush. Kartrider Rush currently has over 200 million registered players online and that number is only going to grow with the mobile version hitting iOS and Android this year.

Kartrider is a great little racing game where you can race against the AI or other players on numerous tracks that can be unlocked. Other items that can be unlocked include things you can customize your little character with and his kart. Staying true to the freemium business they have created, Nexon will also be offering in-game purchasing for other customizable items, some exclusive only to the shop.


While racing you are able to collect various power-ups and other helpful items either to boost your performance or hamper your opponents. It also features both on-screen controls as well as accelerometer based controls so you can choose whatever you like best. Graphically, Kartrider sports some great 3D graphics while keeping the game running smoothly with no rendering lag of any kind.

We got to sit down and get some hands-on time with Kartrider Rush at GDC with Nexon and after a few rounds, we walked away wanting to play more. Granted we had to play it on the iPhone but we were told the Android version would be the same as the iOS one. It is a great little game to kill time with or go hardcore at to earn as much items as you can and get your name in lights on the leader boards.

Kartrider Rush will be available on the Android Market sometime this Summer for free. Be warned though, it is highly addictive. Yes we did get a plushie toy that you see in one of the pictures, however my 1 1/2 year old son mugged me for it.

Developer Website: Nexon

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