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Gears POP! is Out Right Now on Android

Gears POP! Android

Gears POP!, the strange collaboration between Epic’s third person shooter franchise Gears of War and those creepy Funko POP! dolls you see everywhere, is out right now on Android.

It challenges you to collect a wide variety of Funko Pop! dolls that are based on the Gears franchise. You’ll find recognisable COG soldiers alongside the enemy Locust.

Gears POP! Allows You to Team COG Soldiers With Locust

You’ll then create your very own squad from them, mixing together friend and foe like never before.

Much like in the likes of Clash Royale, you’ll then battle other players in real-time. You drop your soldiers on the battlefield and utilise powerful ultimate abilities, including the Emergence Hole and Hammer of Dawn.

As you progress, you’ll battle your way through various different arenas. Each arena features different rewards to collect.

If that sounds good to you, you can check out Gears POP! right now on Android. Simply grab it from Google Play.

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