Glu Mobile begins teasing their next game, Samurai vs Zombies Defense 2

Glu Mobile has begun teasing their next game that they are planning to release sometime this week called Samurai vs Zombies Defense 2. As the name suggests, this is a sequel to the original Samurai vs Zombies Defense game currently available on Google Play. This sequel brings with it two new warriors into the game, the Kunoichi Assassin and Armored Ronin.

For those of you unfamiliar with this game, basically you play as Samurai who are out to stop hordes of zombies. This is done in the only fashion they know how to do it, by hacking them up with a variety of blade weaponry.

Samurai vs Zombies  Defense 2 Features:

– Strategic Gameplay – Recruit exciting new allies and set up your defense against hordes of zombies.
– Multiple Heroes – Expand your defenses by unlocking powerful new heroes.
– Upgrade Your Samurai Heroes – Become more powerful by acquiring better weapons, defenses, and magical abilities.
– Multiplayer Collection Battles – Steal artifacts from your friends (or enemies) to complete collections and gain big rewards.
– Connect with Friends – Battle with Facebook friends.

This sequel will not only come with two new warriors but also a variety of new content, new weapons and defense, new magical upgrades for your warriors and more. You can also battle it out with friends in multiplayer mode in the hopes of stealing artifacts to add to your collection.

As for a release date for Samurai vs Zombies Defense 2, all we know is that is will be arriving this week onto Google Play. Until then, you can check out the trailer above to see this new sequel in action.

Developer Website: Glu Mobile

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