Day: 5 March 2013


Enter for a chance to win one of ten free Humble Bundle for Android 5 packages

The newest Humble Bundle for Android has arrived featuring six pretty awesome games in one package including bringing Dungeon Defenders (and all the DLC it comes with) out of retirement for the duration of the Humble Bundle. A little known fact about DroidGamers is that our 3rd birthday is also this month (next week to be exact). To celebrate both our upcoming birthday and the launch of a new Humble Bundle for Android, we are giving away 10 copies of the Humble Bundle for Android 5 (all six games) to ten lucky readers over the next few days.


The Green Throttle Android console software and controllers officially launches today

In the world on upcoming Android gaming controllers and consoles there is plenty of options to choose from when you’re considering buying into one. We have OUYA, GameStick, MOGA, SteelSeries and more when it comes to controllers and consoles. One company we’ve talked about in the past, called Green Throttle, is officially launching their product today which basically turns your Android tablet into a console.


Crescent Moon Games launch their new rhythm-based title Zen Training

Back near the end of February we talked about a new rhythm-based game that the folks over at Crescent Moon Games were getting ready to publish called Zen Training. As you probably already know about Crescent Moon Games, they don’t publish anything unless it is a good quality game which usually is also pretty unique. Zen Training falls right into that category as it is a bit of a different type of rhythm-based game.