The Green Throttle Android console software and controllers officially launches today

In the world on upcoming Android gaming controllers and consoles there is plenty of options to choose from when you’re considering buying into one. We have OUYA, GameStick, MOGA, SteelSeries and more when it comes to controllers and consoles. One company we’ve talked about in the past, called Green Throttle, is officially launching their product today which basically turns your Android tablet into a console.

We had a quick hands-on with Green Throttle during CES 2013 and while the software at the time was still in beta form, the controllers were actually finished and felt really good to play games with. Granted they are a bit unusual in how they look, especially with the D-Pad, but performance-wise the Green Throttle controller was quite good.

For those of you not familiar with Green Throttle, this company has developed software that will essentially turn your Android tablet into a game console where you can play games on your TV via HDMI-out. While that itself isn’t anything new, what the software does do in terms of making a more console-like gaming experience is add features such as multiplayer gaming with two controllers using only one tablet and split-screen gameplay, just like you would have when two people are playing a game on something like the Xbox 360.

The software comes with its own filter which will list Green Throttle supported games that developers release and the company itself also happens to be developing games for their software. This software will work with any supported tablet so the only real issue is having games that support the Green Throttle software and you will, of course, need the Green Throttle controllers as well.

The real focus of Green Throttle is to bring more multiplayer gaming to Android whether it be two people playing on one tablet or playing against other people online. Green Throttle comes with sections dedicated to multiplayer gaming such as the Arena tab in the application.

Right now there is only a few games available that support Green Throttle but there are apparently a lot more on the way. The fact only a few games are available might put some people off from buying Green Throttle or at least waiting until more games are available.

Should you want to purchase Green Throttle, it will cost you $89.99 for the 2-player bundle which comes with two controllers and all the connectors you need. Single controllers are available for $39.99. Both the controllers and the 2-player bundle are available through the Green Throttle store as well as off of Amazon. The Green Throttle Arena application is available on Google Play for free as well as Amazon’s AppStore.

Expect a full review of Green Throttle to arrive in the  near future. Please Note: Green Throttle is currently available only for the Kindle Fie HD tablets. Support for other Android tablets will be arriving in the very near future.

Official Website: Green Throttle Store

Amazon Market Link: Green Throttle 2-player Bundle | Controllers

Green Throttle™ Games Announces Consumer Availability Of Atlas Controllers And Demo Games For Free Arena App

Consumers Can Now Get a Console-Like Gaming Experience at the Low Cost and Portability of Mobile Gaming

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 5, 2013 — Green Throttle™ Games, creator of the Atlas wireless game controller, developer of the Arena app and publisher of mobile games, announced today consumer availability of the Atlas Controller and Green Throttle Arena app (Kindle Fire HD Edition), with support for other Android devices coming soon. Together, the Arena app and Atlas controller turn a Kindle Fire HD into a gaming console so you can enjoy mobile games from the couch on a big screen TV without making an investment in new hardware. Priced at $39.95, the Atlas seamlessly pairs with Kindle Fire HD via the Arena app, and the device connects to the TV with a micro HDMI cable.

Along with the Atlas controller, the first games are now available through Green Throttle’s Arena app as a free download from the Amazon App store.  The Arena app serves as a central location for consumers to access all Green Throttle supported games, control settings to pair their Atlas controller(s), and helps developers with app discovery by making their games noticeable and easy to find.

The Arena app features four main sections:

  • Home Screen: Shows games recently played for quick access, features other Green Throttle compatible games, and highlights upcoming games and promotions
  • My Games : Lists all downloaded games
  • Recommended: Editorial section that allows consumers to discover other Green Throttle compatible games and watch game trailers
  • Settings:  Connect new controllers, view connected controllers, and check for updates

Games Now Available
With games releasing weekly, the following games are now available in the Arena app and can be played using the Atlas controller:

  • Crystal Swarm (FREE) – A throwback to twin stick shooters, 60 waves of fast-paced, chaotic 2D-shooting action as astronauts on Mars encounter giant alien bugs while mining for red crystals. Developed in house at Green Throttle for 1 or 2 players and is also touch-enabled.
  • Fish Tails (FREE)– Race to cross the finish line or see how fast you can collect coins while guiding your Koi down the mighty Mississippi in this free demo game developed in house at Green Throttle. Play in solo mode with touch on a mobile phone or tablet, or use the Atlas controllers for a 2-player experience on the big screen.
  • Coral Combat (FREE) – Fend off sea creatures attacking your coral habitat in this free to play classic arcade-style game for 1 or 2 players, developed in house at Green Throttle.
  • APO Snow ($1.99) – Developed by FreeRange Games, the ultimate freeskiing and snowboarding 3-D, multiplayer game. Multiplayer will offer split screen 2-player competitive mode. Can be played with Atlas controllers or touch mode.
  • Blocks Party (FREE) – Roll, run, jump and smash your way through a series of unique and in-depth realms to save your imprisoned buddies in this must-have game for the whole family. Developed by Free Range Games, its “balls vs blocks” in this addictive game with simple controls and an adorable cast of characters. Offers 2-player split screen with Atlas controllers, or single player with touch mode.

Coming Soon
Within the week, two additional games that have been extremely popular amongst the core gaming crowd, will also become available in the Green Throttle Arena:

  • ChronoBlade (FREE) – Developed by nWay, a single-player demo of the upcoming action-RPG will be playable only with Atlas controllers. Aurok, a fully 3-D rendered character and fearless Norse warrior with supernatural strength, will battle endless waves of foes from the invading Cronarch army in a survival-mode arena.
  • Freefall Tournament (FREE) – Developed by FreeRange Games, this intense, fast-paced 3rd person shooter is playable with the Atlas controllers in network-style team combat play.  You can have it all as a super human space marine – jetpacks, armor, hammers, swords, guns, bombs – in melee, ranged and aerial combat modes.

Green Throttle Games was co-founded by Charles Huang , co-creator of the legendary Guitar Hero video game franchise, and mobile industry veterans Matt Crowley , former Palm and Nokia product lead, and Karl Townsend , lead engineer for the first two generations of the Palm Pilot.

“The global video game market is poised for the next round of innovation. With the Atlas Controller and Arena platform, we’re bringing the convenience and a next level gaming experience to consumers in an inexpensive and thoughtful way,” said Charles Huang , co-founder and CEO of Green Throttle Games.

Creating an Open Platform
Green Throttle is striving to create an open platform in order to push the industry forward and regain the creativity that was evident with games in the 1980’s. Green Throttle is already working with other “unconsole” makers such as GameStick to ensure the products work together, and the company is looking to develop more strategic partnerships in the coming year.

According to Ted Pollak , Senior Gaming Analyst at Jon Peddie Research: “Mobile game processing and development is advancing at a blistering pace, and new generations of mobile devices can easily render casual games on HD TVs. This could expand into more complex genre’s very soon, which could both expand the total market, and possibly disrupt incumbents. Touch screens have limited application in video games and a good controller is needed for the best experience. Green Throttle is ahead of the curve in this department and providing a simple, affordable, and standardized solution.”

Pricing and Availability
Consumers may purchase the Atlas controller for $39.95 at Green Throttle’s online store ( or the 2-player bundle for $89.99 and receive a $10 Amazon gift card for a limited time only. Atlas controllers are also available on The Arena app is a free download from the Amazon App Store.

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