Glu Mobile gearing up to release Dragon Slayer onto Android

Glu Mobile looks to be getting ready to release a new game onto Google Play soon called Dragon Slayer. This particular game is a full 3D action game that is similar in style to Monster Hunter titles, Skyrim and other similar games. You will be taking on various monsters, mostly of a fantasy nature like dragons, in order to hopefully rid the realm of them. The main focus is on dragons due to their relentless attacks on the lands but you will have to deal with other creatures as well.

Visually Dragon Slayer is actually rather good looking with full 3D rendering of everything in the game, plenty of special effect and other eye candy to look at. However, you will need to concentrate on what you’re doing since these creatures are often much bigger and more powerful than you happen to be.

Dragon Slayer Features:

– Battle Mountainous Dragons – Challenge massive dragons, wyverns, and reptiles as you traverse the fantasy Realm.
– Unleash Powerful Magic – Cast deadly spells and avoid the flaming breath, bite, tail-whip, and talons of the dragon bosses.
– Upgrade Magical Equipment – Equip magical gauntlets, cloak armor, and pets to slay more dragons.
– Stunning AAA Graphics – Cutting-edge graphics optimized for high-definition Retina displays.
– Rankings – Track progress with Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards.

As of right now there is no exact release date for Dragon Slayer, only that it will be arriving real soon. Usually when Glu decided to show off an upcoming game, it ends up on the Google Play store within a few days. Just like all Glu games, Dragon Slayer will be free to download. Check out the trailer below to see the game in action.

Developer Website: Glu Mobile

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