Glu Mobile teases the upcoming sequel Eternity Warriors 2 with a trailer

It looks like the next few months could be the months of sequels as Glu Mobile has begun teasing the next addition to the Eternity Warrior series. A new sequel, appropriately named Eternity Warriors 2, takes place 100 years after this first game where a new demonic threat has begun terrorizing the lands of Udar.

Just to get this out of the way, the video below is a teaser trailer. It doesn’t show any gameplay but it is relevant to the game as it tells about Eternity Warriors 2‘s storyline, unlike Gameloft’s Real Football 2013 trailer from yesterday that was pretty much not helpful at all.

Unfortunately we don’t know much else about this new game aside that it will be an action game like the original but Glu should start releasing details soon. We do know it will be free-to-play like the original.

Developer Website: Glu Mobile

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