Golf Odyssey 2 Isn’t Your Usual Sports Sim, And It’s Coming Soon

A sequel to Golf Odyssey – a game with a few hundred reviews on Google Play and little publicity – might not be high on your list of titles to get excited about. But you’d be wrong.

FORE-get About Your Worries

This is because Golf Odyssey 2 understands that in real life golf, primarily, is a sport that most play to relax. There’s none of the exhausting hustle and bustle of something like football or tennis. You can simply play your shots and relax as you wander across the greens.

The game doesn’t get much simpler, boasting 8-bit aesthetics and 2D holes – with a one handed control scheme to boot. There’s improved physics here compared to the original, but this generally continues the quietly good work of its predecessor. It reminds us a lot of a mini-game from Warioware expanded into a full title.

What looks to elevate the experience from just another throwaway hyper-casual experience is the effort put into the aesthetics though.

There’s a dreamy colour scheme and minimal sound effects – the swing of the club, the tinkle as the ball drops into the cup – which help makes this as relaxing an experience as you could hope for from a golf sim.

When Can I Play

If this sounds like your type of thing then we do have some mild bad news in that the game isn’t out just yet. But you don’t have long to wait.

The game is teeing off on June the 13th, and you can pre-register for it on Google Play now – by clicking right here

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