Google finally allows developers to respond to customer comments on Google Play

A feature that should have been in place from the jump, or at least some part since Android’s inception, is the ability for developers to respond to customer comments on Google Play. Well that feature, something anyone who has developed for Android knows we’ve always wanted, has finally arrived… sort of.

This feature of being able to respond to customer comments on the Google Play store is slowly rolling out. As of right now, only developers with the ‘Top Developer’ badge have this feature available to use. However, every developer will eventually be able to respond to customers right in Google Play as this feature gets slowly rolled out to everyone.

This will eliminate a lot of frustration developers get when people leave comments in their listing pertaining to a complaint, bug or issue and not being able to respond back to them. Hopefully, at some point, there will be a notification system to let customers know that a developer has responded to their comment. For now though, being a developer myself for awhile, I can safely say it is about bloody time this feature has arrived.

Website Referenced: Android Police

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