Google Glass May Get International Launch at Google I/O 2014

Google I/O 2014 is coming up soon, June 25 and 26 in San Francisco, and one of Google’s most experimental products, Google Glass, may be getting an international release announced there. This rumor comes from Phandroid, their anonymous source says it will at least launch in the UK. They also found evidence in an apk file that comes with Google Glass’s firmware that it may be coming to Japan, Japanese voice commands were found.

Currently Google Glass is not the most accessible product out on the market. It costs $1,500 and buyers must be 18 or older (sorry child “stars”). For those unaware of this technology, Google Glass is a pair of glasses equipped with a small display that allows you to use your glasses like a smartphone to run certain apps, mostly related to practical uses, along with a camera that lets you record video and take photos from your perspective. The technology is still quite new, which is why it is not so readily available.

Website Referenced: Phandroid

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