Google pulls Retro Olympics from Google Play, it’s back as Retro Athletics though

Last week we told you about a great retro style sports game themed around the Olympics appropriately called Retro Olympics. Well unfortunately for Brave Games Studio, Google seemed fit to pull the game off of Google Play due to an industrial property infringement since ‘Olympics’ is a registered brand. The good news is that it was due to only the name of the game and as such the game is now back on the Google Play store as Retro Athletics.

It is still the same great retro sports game that features six different events you can compete in, either individually or as a whole tournament. There is still the same great retro graphics and on-screen button mashing the original game came with to give you that flashback from playing games like Summer Games II from back in the day on the old school consoles. The only difference is that the name is now Retro Athletics.

If you haven’t tried out the game, you can hit up the link below and grab it off of the Google Play store for free. If you currently have Retro Olympics installed, you might want to uninstall it and grab this game instead so you can receive any updates that may come in the future.

Google Play Link: Retro Athletics

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