Day: July 23, 2012

Game News

Hatchi will bring you back to your Tamagotchi virtual pet roots

Let’s admit it, most of us have probably had one of these at one point or another. In fact it doesn’t matter if we were kids or have already gone through adolescence, getting to care and caress one of those small virtual pets that some of us know as Tamagotchis was just awesome. Well, it’s time to take back those memories now that Portable Pixels Limited released Hatchi, their first game, and it really needs you to take care of your newly acquired pet.

Game News

Google pulls Retro Olympics from Google Play, it’s back as Retro Athletics though

Last week we told you about a great retro style sports game themed around the Olympics appropriately called Retro Olympics. Well unfortunately for Brave Games Studio, Google seemed fit to pull the game off of Google Play due to an industrial property infringement since ‘Olympics’ is a registered brand. The good news is that it was due to only the name of the game and as such the game is now back on the Google Play store as Retro Athletics.