Google’s modular phone called Project Ara will be arriving January 2015

Not too long ago Google announced that they were indeed working on a modular phone which was called Project Ara. At that time there was not real date as to when we would see this phone hit the market so consumers could purchase it. Well word is that we will see this modular phone hitting stores sometime next year in January.

The entire concept of the modular phone is pretty interesting. Basically owners of a Project Ara phone will be able to replace and possibly upgrade different aspects of the phone’s hardware. So if you want more RAM for your phone, as an example, you would be able to purchase more RAM and just click it right into the phone. Basically it is the same concept that PCs use right now with replacing and upgrading various parts.

The other cool thing about this modular phone concept is the fact your can built a phone around the budget you have. You can either build a budget phone or go crazy and built an insanely high-end one. You could also start off small and built your phone up over time.

While there is no real pricing set for Project Ara phones right now, during the recent Project Ara developers conference it was announced that customers will be able to pick one up sometime in January of 2015. When you order one you will be able to order it with your own configuration.

Website Referenced: TechCrunch

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