Great Game Developers

Amidst the slew of mediocre to just straight out poor game developers out there pushing their games onto the Android market, there are a few solid developers submitting some great games. This is our list of game developers who continuously submit top quality games (in no particular order).

ChickenBrick Studios – Every game from C.B.S. has been great. From Celesto to Project INF they continue to produce great unique games as well as updating them, keeping them functioning great on all Android phones.

Requiem Software Labs – Continues to come out with some very entertaining, high quality games with a lot more on the horizon for Android.

Herocraft – Also continues to produce some very entertaining games for Android. Personally I enjoy Farm Frenzy quite a bit.

Bendroid – Their Mystique series has set them apart from any other game developers and put them in their own genre.

Pawel Aleksander Fedorynski and – The man who ported Frozen Bubble to Android and ruined many peoples productive free time by getting them addicted to this game. also gets a mention for coming out with the level editor (both free and paid versions).

Larva Labs – Although recents all the news surrounding Larva Labs has been about Slide Screen, Battle for Mars and Retro Defense are both excellent games.

Lupis Labs Software – Robo Defense, the only game they have developed has been #1 on the Paid game category for I don’t even know how long and is still rated 5 stars. Updated on a regular basis, Robo Defense is a great tower defense game. – Just about every game they have come out with so far has been enjoyable to play and really good quality.

CyxB -I believe the only fishing game for Android or at least the only good one. It has steadily increased in popularity putting it #3 on the paid games list. This developer is always introducing new features such as taking photos of your fish and sharing them.

Yongzh -The best emulators for Android are from Yongzh. They cover just about every console system andthe developer is always working on improvements.

Noble Master Games – Creators of Age of Conquest series for Android. The entire series is good and with multiplayer in the works, will only get better.

Psym Mobile – Creators of Abduction! and Abduction World Attack, Gem Miner/Gem Miner: Digging Deeper and Milky Milky. Every game they come out with is fun to play.

Craig Hart – Developer of some of the funkiest tower defense style games. Each one is unique and a lot of fun to play with regular updates as well.

Polarbit AB – Polarbit develops some of the best 3D action games right now. Nothing but great graphics and great gameplay.

Com2uS – Homerun Battle 3D creators. The ability to play online versus people using other phones (such as the iPhone) and overall great fun.

Camel Games -If you like physics style games, Camel Games makes the best of them. With Shoot U! as their newest, it has really defined the quality for future physics games.

MHGames – Makers of Jewels, MHGames has come out with the best jewel breaking style game and for free. They keep it updated on a regular basis as well.

Glu Mobile – Glu Mobile has been with Android from the start basically with their Bonzai Blast game. Since then they have produced high quality games both free and paid.

There are a lot more developers out there coming out with top quality games more and more as well as some veterans. If you didn’t make it onto this list, it’s only because:

1) We haven’t played your game yet.

2) We missed your game when looking through the market when it was released.

If anyone has any other developers they’d like to add to this list, feel free to leave a comment!

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