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Playstation Emulation Released!

Not too long ago we reported on a Playstation emulator in the works by the developer ZodTTD who had teamed up with Android emulator guru Yongzh. Well if you have been waiting to get your hands on this little gem of an application, the wait is no more! Released today, the Playstation emulator, named PSX4Droid, is available for purchase on the Android market.


Mass Emulator Update

By mass I mean quantity and developer Yongzh who has developed an emulator for many console systems for use on our Android devices has just dropped an update to every single one of them. Yongzh was one of the first people to bring emulators to Android and they still remain the best so far to date.


Great Game Developers

Amidst the slew of mediocre to just straight out poor game developers out there pushing their games onto the Android market, there are a few solid developers submitting some great games. This is our list of game developers who continuously submit top quality games (in no particular order).