Mass Emulator Update

By mass I mean quantity and developer Yongzh who has developed an emulator for many console systems for use on our Android devices has just dropped an update to every single one of them. Yongzh was one of the first people to bring emulators to Android and they still remain the best so far to date.

The updated emulators are as follows:

– Nesoid (NES Emulator)

– SNesoid (SNES Emulator)

– Gensoid (Sega Genesis Emulator)

– Gearoid (GameGear Emulator)

– GBCoid (GBC Emulator)

– GameBoid (Gameboy Emulator)

New Update includes:

– Option: 4-buttons in a row

– Option: Hide turbo buttons

– Full on-screen buttons

– Flip Buttons when upside-down

– Saved States with Screenshot

There is a lite version for each emulator as well if you want to try them out before buying one. Full versions run between $2.99-$3.99 and allow you to load game states. If you want some old school gaming on your phone, this is definitely one route to go. There are too many QR Codes to post for both full and lite versions so the best way to find them all is to just search for Yongzh on the Android market. If you already have one (or many) of these emulators, time to update!

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