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Streamer plays for 123+ hours straight in Clash of Clans to achieve Legend status

People will live stream some pretty crazy challenges on platforms like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Mobcrush, and so on. I’ve personally seen all types of records broken for speed runs in a number of games, as well as people passing out mid-stream trying to break a world records for this or that. It’s pretty entertaining to say the least. Well a streamer by the name of BoarGeneral completed a pretty insane challenge, all of which happened to be streamed live.


Smartboy accessory by Hyperkin can turn your phone into a functional Gameboy

As a kid, I remember enjoying a few different types, be they the Tiget handhelds, my brother’s Game Gear, or Nintendo’s Gameboy, all of which (plus more later) enabled gaming “on the go. Hyperkin is a company that has been working on an emulator that runs Gameboy games, and is dubbed the Smartboy. “Big Deal!”, I might hear you say. Well, it might interest you, dear skeptic, to know that this emulator is different from just downloading and running ROMs in two ways.


Samsung Gear Live + Windows95 + DOOM + Minecraft = Win

Emulating another operating system on a platform not native to said operating system isn’t a new thing. There are plenty of emulators out there that can emulate just about anything you want, even on a platform like Samsung Gear Live. So while putting Window95 onto your Gear Live might seem a bit odd of an idea at first, until the cool factor sets in. Of course playing DOOM on it definitely adds to that.


Here is what a custom arcade cabinet looks like when built for use with an Ouya console

DIY projects are always cool because you not only get to check out what other people do when feeling particularly creative at any given time, but generally also get to learn how it is done and possibly even do it yourself. Technically we don’t really get to learn how to make this custom arcade cabinet for 4-players that also happens to be powered by an Ouya game console from Burd Bros Custom Arcade. But with the right parts and a little planning, you could take on trying to build one of these yourself.


Android Game Sale Round-Up: Empire, TNA Wrestling, Drastic DS Emulator and more

It’s been a crazy week with CES 2014 on the go here in Las Vegas, a slew of projects we have been working on as well in order to get them ready for launching, so needless to say we are pretty exhausted. Next week should be just as crazy since we will be launching all of our projects at that time. However, this won’t stop us from posting our weekly round-up of Android games on sale!


Amiga Forever Essentials makes emulating the Amiga a lot easier

While there are a fair number of Amiga emulators on Android already, using them can be a bit of a pain. This is especially true if you’re not technically fluent in running an emulator aside from loading up a game. The Amiga emulators generally provide a bit more of a challenge since most of the ones available do not come with their own file system. This means you have to provide one yourself, so if you aren’t that experienced with an emulator of this nature, you were kind of left out in the dark.