GREE finally releases their first U.S. Android game called Dino Life

For those of you who are not familiar with GREE, they happen to be quite a large social gaming platform based out of Asia on Android. Last year they purchased OpenFeint for around $104 million but haven’t actually released any of their titles onto the U.S. Android market until now.

Their first social game release for the U.S. market happens to be called Dino Life which is your fairly standard village type of social game. You will be building your little village, making your citizens happy and keeping them that way, hatch dinosaurs as well as making new breeds by mating two different dinosaurs together and so on.

Dino Life Features:

– Collect and raise 60+ adorable dinosaurs. Can you discover the rare dinosaurs through chance breeding?
– Decorate and expand your village, complete tribal quests stone age style!
– Invent completely new species by crossbreeding
– Spice things up with cavemen friends and love their village!
– Discover rare dinosaurs, decorative items and purchase them at the store.
– Find new friends and send each other gifts not available in the store!
– Decorate your phone with exclusive Google Live Wallpaper!
– OpenFeint enabled

Along with all the standard activities found in these types of social village building games, you also have all the decorative features as well. Planting special trees and placing special decorative items to make your village unique. You can also send friends in the game special gifts as well just as though you were playing a Facebook game.

For those of you who love these types of games, you can download Dino Life off of the Google Play store for free. Dino Life is supported with optional in-game purchases as well.

Developer Website: GREE

Google Play Link: Dino Life

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