Grimm: Cards of Fate is a new TCG based off of the TV series called Grimm

Game development company Midverse Studios has teamed up with publisher Ever Dead Studios to release a new TCG title called Grimm: Cards of Fate. This particular game is actually based off of the TV series of the same name, Grimm. This means that characters and monsters appearing in this game are inspired by, or actually appear in, the TV show.

Grimm: Cards of Fate is actually a hybrid title, meshing card collecting and card combat with match-3 and hidden object game mechanics. This makes for a very strange sounding game. Players will be presented quests for you to complete, all of which are based around different episodes of the TV series up to and including the recent finale for Season 5. This also means that quests will have clues and other important details that players can find by watching episodes of the show, although that isn’t mandatory.

As you complete quests, you will also be collecting cards. These cards will be used in a lot of the combat within the game as well as for the PvP matches that are included. A lot of the standard TCG mechanics are present in this game, including the ability to fuse cards together in order to create more powerful ones. Other cards will be used on your character and monsters cards to equip them with gear to make them stronger.

Grimm: Cards of Fate Features:

• Collect Your Favorite Characters: Including Nick, Hank, Juliette, Monroe, Rosalee, Sergeant Wu and Captain Renard.
• Win Epic Creatures: Win tcreature cards from the show, including Blutbad, Dämonfeuer, and Fuchsbau. Equip them with dangerous weapons and magical potions
• Defeat Other Players: Test your deck against players from around the world, and win glory in PvP tournaments
• Explore: Complete puzzles and quests based on episodes of the show, including match3 and hidden object mini-games.
• Evolve Your Cards: Fuse cards through evolution and enhancement to create undefeatable cards.
• Assemble Your Team: Build the strongest crime fighting team, assembling characters, creatures and weapons into one powerful deck.
• Play and Watch: Play the quest, watch the episode.

Once Season 6 starts, viewers of the show will be able to go into the game, complete new puzzles, collect characters and battle creatures specifically from that week’s episode. This is actually a pretty unique feature, and kind of meshes together two different types of media. This is something we’ve just seen recently appearing with the Angry Birds movie and its integration with the Angry Birds Action! game.

For those of you interested in checking this game out, Grimm: Cards of Fate is available off of Google Play for free and does include optional IAPs. Players can also buy episodes of Grimm through the game, which connects to Google Play for those purchases.

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