gumi will be hitting up New York Comic Con next week to show off Phantom of the Kill

gumi has been working on and teasing a new mobile game for a bit now called Phantom of the Kill. The company has already shown an early build of the game off at a couple of shows including the Anime Expo 2015. Next week gumi will be in New York at the upcoming NYCC 2015 to show off Phantom of the Kill once again.

For those of you who have missed our previous coverage, Phantom of the Kill is a turn-based strategy RPG title where the story revolves around a group of assassins on a quest to recover their lost memories in a dangerous fantasy world. Ghost in the Shell director Mamoru Oshii has been a part of this game’s development, mainly around the opening movie as its Editorial Supervisor.

On top of that, Phantom of the Kill also features what gumi is calling “one thumb controls”, meaning you should have no problem playing the game with one hand essentially. If you like the whole magic and technology coinciding together type of theme, that is also in this game as well. Rounding everything off is a large amount of playable classes, weapons to customize them with, and lots of challenges to use them on.

Phantom of the Kill

However it isn’t just about Phantom of a Kill for gumi at the New York Comic Con next week. Brave Frontier will also be on hand for attendees to play. While this particular game is already available globally on Android, anyone at the NYCC will be able to try out the new content which will be launching that day. Brave Frontier will be doing a bit of a cross-over event with Chain Chronicle soon, and the popular characters Velnar, Phoena, and Aludra from that game will be showing up in Brave Frontier soon.

These characters will be available for summoning in Brave Frontier’s exclusive collaboration vortex dungeons and Grand Quests on October 8th, and the entire event will last for two weeks only. So if you’re going to the New York Comic Con next week, you’ll be able to check out some mobile gaming goodness too.

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