[Update: Released] Habbo Hotel will be arriving onto Android tomorrow

After 15 years of existence on the internet, Habbo Hotel is now coming to Android. A web browser based MMO aimed at teenagers, its Android edition comes after a recent release on iOS.

Update: April 1st, 2015 9:16am PST: Habbo Hotel is now available on Google Play for free. You can grab a copy through the link at the bottom of this article. Also added a features list as well.

As an MMO of sorts, players go online to chat while in a virtual hotel, or player customized hotel rooms. It was always described to me as Club Penguin for teens, except its been around longer. While no specific specs were cited as being needed, it will apparently require “high end” Android devices, with unsurprisingly a good internet connection.

Habbo Hotel Features:

– MAKE FRIENDS & CHAT with millions of teens worldwide
– ROLE PLAY & EXPRESS YOURSELF with awesome clothing and accessories
– BUILD YOUR OWN WORLD and hang out with friends
– CREATE YOUR AVATAR to impress with the right gear for any occasion
– JOIN COMMUNITY GROUPS like armies and mafias
– CREATE EPIC ROOMS and explore millions of spaces made by others
– TRADE RARE ITEMS with other players and run your own stores using a trading pass
– COMPETE IN COMPETITIONS like quizzes, events and quests
– INFINITE ZOOM on the largest retro pixel art world ever made
– 24/7 Live Moderation

Habbo Hotel in the past has been the focus of criticism for the spread of violent and pornographic player messages. The Finnish creator of the game is promising 24/7 moderation for the Android version which apparently will be arriving tomorrow.

Website Referenced: Pocket Gamer


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