Hardcore space MMORPG fans be prepared, Eve Online is coming to Tegra 2 Android devices in the future!

Since the release of Vendetta Online, a lot of people have been happy that more MMORPGs are slowly making the transition to mobile. While the selection is still minimal at best, Vendetta Online proves that you can bring in-depth gaming on a massive scale to mobile devices. CCP is now jumping into the action.

CCP are the developers of the insanely hardcore space MMORPG called Eve Online. It has broken the soul of many people who thought they were hardcore MMORPG players while proving to others that they can be even more hardcore in their gaming. Eve Online is an incredible in-depth, detailed and awesome space MMORPG where you have an entire economy at play, not just space combat and all that good eye candy kind of stuff.

Eve Online will be slated for Tegra 2 Android devices if for no other reason due to the sheer graphical awesomeness that resides inside the game. It will be available for both Tegra 2 phones and tablets although it will be interesting to see how it functions on a phone considering how the user interface is fairly detailed. CCP is still experimenting with what exactly the Android version will include, whether it will be a client to have full game use or just an application where you can do things on the side not including the heavier stuff like combat. Judging by the statement from CTO Hallor Fannar, the first release may be more of an accessory with the full game coming after.

Eve Online (PC Version)

“We’ve been working a lot on the backend to enable Eve over http,” explained CCP CTO, Halldór Fannar, during a press briefing at the event, “but the problem we run into is that a lot of people seem to equate that with a web browser. It doesn’t necessarily mean that – it means any of these devices can start extracting data and also writing data back. So it opens up the possibility of having dedicated applications for doing market transactions, managing your skill queue and, for instance, fitting your spaceship.”

Eve Online was shown running on a Tegra 2 Android tablet at Eve Fanfest which took place over the weekend. Whether they are web-based or not, expect to continue to hear about more MMORPGs making the transition to mobile as time passes thanks to how technology is now allowing our Android devices to support these kinds of heavy graphical games.

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Developer Website: Eve Online

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