Hardcore train simulator, Trainz, set to arrive on Tegra 2 devices this June

Back during GDC 2011 we got to try out an incredible train simulator that would be arriving on Android called Trainz by N3V Games. This is the same company who developed the more casual train simulation game called My First Trainz Set which is currently available on the Android Market for Tegra 2 devices as well.

Trainz, however, is for the hidden hardcore train enthusiast inside you. It comes jammed packed with all kinds of features including a full map editor so you can create landscapes to set your trains up on and run them! The development team that is working on Trainz are, themselves, huge train enthusiasts and so every train in-game comes complete with precise details right down to the lettering on the sides for actual trains in real life.


  • Touch input makes driving trains, laying tracks, creating layouts and completing scheduled tasks easy
  • Operate a complete working rail line
  • Full map editor to create your own terrain
  • Great 3D graphics
  • Highly detailed rendering of actual trains
  • Populate your landscape with buildings, growth and more
  • Yes you can crash your trains



Playing with Trainz at GDC gave us a great look at how serious simulation games can run on Android. There are multiple camera views to flip through as well as zooming to get a close look at your train or landscape. Trainz is set to release sometime in June 2011 and will be available on the Android Market and Tegra Zone. No word on exact pricing just yet.

Developer Website: N3V Games

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