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You Can Now Play Harry Potter: Magic Awakened In These Countries…

The featured image for our article covering the Harry Potter: Magic Awakened new countries, featuring art work of Diagon Alley from the game, with the title card printed over it.

Portkey Games has released Harry Potter: Magic Awakened’s first update since soft launching, which makes the game available in a bunch of new territories: New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

Previously it was only available in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Sweden, and Switzerland.

What’s in the Update?

The update also includes a ton of new content, the details of which you can find on the official website. Possibly the biggest change includes an overhaul of the Magic Pass, rebalancing the rewards to make it more diverse.

As well as cosmetics, the rewards now consist of “other high value items”. Additionally, Portkey Games has made it so that levelling up the Magic Pass is less grindy, and more forgiving.

The studio has also changed the rewards for the one million pre-registration bracket. Once the game releases to a global audience, Portkey Games will reward players with ten Silver Keys, along with 1,500 Gold. The fan base has already smashed the one million target, and are well on their way to hitting two million pre-registrations!

What is Harry Potter: Magic Awakened?

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a gacha RPG based around the hugely popular Harry Potter series. You play as a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

It’s primarily made up of multiplayer duels against opposing students. You build up a deck of cards that represent spells, potions, beasts, and more in battle.

When not battling, you can follow in the footsteps of your favourite characters by solving mysteries, exploring the castle, and browsing the fantastic shops of Diagon Alley. You can even represent your House by playing Quidditch!

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