Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is Hosting Christmas Events Throughout December

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is hosting a series of Christmas events throughout the month of December, with the first kicking off on December 3.

Christmas Calamity Brilliant Event part 1 sees you participating in the Hogwarts Yule Ball. You’ll relive memories themed around romance, featuring Hermione and Viktor and Hagrid and Madame Maxime.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is Celebrating Christmas in Style With a Series of Holiday Events

You’ll also help Hagrid care for his magical creatures by collecting Foundables. You can also visit Hagrid’s Hut by collecting special Portkeys as part of the event.

The second part of the Christmas Calamity Brilliant Event will kick off later this month, featuring new Yule Ball memories that include Ron, Parvati, Harry, Fred, Angelina, and more.

Also later this month the 12 Tasks of Christmas Event will kick off, which challenges you to perform – you guessed it – 12 tasks. The Gifting feature will also make an appearance around this time.

You’ll be able to collect Gift boxes from Inns, Greenhouses, and Fortresses. Send these to friends and they’ll get Spell Energy, Potion Ingredients, Runestones, and more.

You can grab Harry Potter: Wizards Unite right now from Google Play and get started on the Christmas events.

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