Help Ollie The Fox prepare the best party for his friends in Flipper Fox, now available on Google Play

Released by Torus Games, Flipper Fox is a platformer that’s just been released. In Flipper Fox, players will assume the role of Ollie, the games iconic fox. Ollie is interested in helping his friends throw the best party ever, so he’s taking it upon himself to find the best gifts and other party supplies. This means players will be looking for them throughout the game’s 180 levels.

There is a bit of a twist with the gameplay for Flipper Fox, which is that players won’t be directly controlling Ollie, but instead will tap on the boxes and crates to create the path for him to follow. Then you will be tapping on the location you want Ollie to go to. In a way, this makes the game as much of a puzzler as it does a platformer.

Flipper Fox includes an upbeat soundtrack, bright and colorful graphics, and a scoring system for every level. It does lack integration with Google Play Games however. If you’re interested in grabbing a copy of Flipper Fox, it is available for free from Google Play with optional IAPs as well.

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