Here is what will be arriving in the upcoming 0.11 update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition

So it is getting close to about the time when we should see another major release hit Minecraft: Pocket Edition, especially since MineCon 2015 is on the horizon. There have been plenty of details released as to what we can all expect to see when this next major release, version 0.11, arrives for Android.

Some of what will be arriving in this next version have been features people have been wanting to see in the game for quite some time. Like every major version release, there is a lot coming with version 0.11 and with that said, here is the list of what we will be getting in this upcoming update.


One of the big features coming with version 0.11 will be the introduction of skins. This is something pretty much the majority of Minecraft: Pocket Edition players have been wanting since almost as far back as the game’s initial release. After all of this waiting, player skins are now coming to the game. There will be the option to use the male character (Steve) and a new female default character named Alex. Along with the option to choose male or female, players can also create custom skins for their character. What is really good about this is the fact that custom skins will use the same type of file as the PC version of the game. So making custom skins, or downloading them, is pretty much identical to the PC version.

If you don’t want to make your own skins and can’t find anything you like online, Mojang will be offering up Skin Packs as well which players will be able to purchase. How much these Skin Packs will cost hasn’t been announced yet.


Good news for all of you who play the game and are tired of swimming. The upcoming 0.11 update will boats to the game finally. There are a few things you will need to know in regards to building and using your boat though. For one thing, players will need to craft a paddle in order to go anywhere in their new shiny boat. This is labeled as an exclusive feature for Minecraft: Pocket Edition as well.

Other boat details:

– Larger in size than normal Minecraft boats
– Crafting recipe may require 5 logs rather than wood planks.
– Will not be destroyed when encountering a lily pad.
– Has an interface.
– Can sprint in boats.
– Can support two riders, including passive mobs.

So boats are going to end up being very handy when they are in the game finally.

Pressed Dirt

Pressed Dirt will be a new block for the game. Essentially you can use these to make things like roads and pathways. They will show up slightly lower than everything else on the ground. The gravel in NPC villages may also be replaced with these new Pressed Dirt block instead. According to Jens Bergensten, there will be no speed bonus when walking/sprinting on Pressed Dirt.

New Mob – Cave Spider

The Cave Spider is perhaps one of the more persistent and annoying mobs in Minecraft and we now get to deal with it in version 0.11. These are exactly the same as the ones in normal Minecraft so they can climb walls, are not affected by poison or cobwebs, and they also attacking by leaping at you.

Potion/Status Effects

Back in December 2014 we reported on the fact that potion effects will be making their way to Minecraft: Pocket Edition in the near future. Well that future is version 0.11. However, you will also need to remember that potions, the items, will not be in the game. At least not just yet. Only the potion/status effects will be added. There will be four added in version 0.11: Jump, Speed, Resistance, and Poison.

One interesting bit of information also came out with the confirmation of potion/status effects in this upcoming version. The Nether is apparently coming to Minecraft: Pocket Edition although there is absolutely no time frame as to when that will happen. When it does though, potions will be added to the game. This is because some of the items needed to make potions are only found in the Nether.


Like always, there are always plenty of tweaks and bug fixes happening with every update and not just the major version releases. This is no exception either. Here is the current list of tweaks that are confirmed for version 0.11.

– Moved the Edit button in the world selection menu from the top right corner to the side of each world, along with a new icon
– External button now appears when tapping New rather than Edit.
– Added hat layer of pigmen heads, like the PC version
– Mineshafts will have cave spider spawners
– Custom kick and ban messages.
– Colored text in chat.

World Edit Screen

Version 0.11 will also see a new world edit screen with more options available for players to use. Options include the ability to rename your worlds, make it permanently daytime, the ability to add Infinite world to old type worlds, and you can switch between Creative and Survival modes. Right now the only thing not 100% confirmed with this new world edit screen is the Gamemode Switch option.

All of this information came from the official Minecraft wiki, tweets from the developers, and the Q&A live stream that happened recently which you can watch in the video below. Things could change at any point leading up to the release of version 0.11 so some of these features and additions might change and come in a future release. As of right now though, all of this is slated for the version 0.11 update. There is no specific release date yet for version 0.11.

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