Hero Academy is coming to Android, Robot Entertainment just isn’t sure when

A rather popular turn-based strategy game on iOS by Robot Entertainment called Hero Academy just had an announcement that it was going to be arriving on Steam. With it’s arrival on Steam, cross-platform gameplay will be arriving to both iOS and Steam. Seeing this update, we did some digging around to find out if Hero Academy would be coming to Android.

According to multiple threads over on the Hero Academy forums as well as the Hero Academy FAQ, the Android version is still in the works right now but Robot Entertainment doesn’t want to mention any sort of time frame or release date right now simply because they are not sure when the game will be Android ready.

For those of you unfamiliar with Hero Academy, this is a tactics turn-based strategy game that now features the rather mental crew from Team Fortress 2 which you can unlock by purchasing the team in the Steam or iOS version. If you do purchase the Steam version, you will be able to use the Team Fortress 2 characters in the mobile version of Hero Academy as well and vise verse. Purchasing the Steam version will also unlock an exclusive item in Team Fortress 2.

Players will battle it out in turn-based combat with other people from around the world and their teams that they use. All that aside though, Robot Entertainment is currently working on the Android version of Hero Academy, they just don’t know when it will be ready. When it does arrive, it too will come with cross-platform multiplayer.

Website Referenced: Robot Entertainment

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