Herocraft finally releases Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf onto Google Play

Back in April 2015 we reported on Herocraft and the fact they had begun a beta testing phase for their upcoming Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf game. Since then the beta has been running but it looks like everything is good to go as Herocraft has dropped the beta tags for this game and it is now officially available. With a franchise as big as Warhammer (both the fantasy one and 40K) you would think all the games we currently have related to the franchise would be great. In truth, only a couple have been on the level of great, and Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf is one that can be added to this list.

Warhammer 40: Space Wolf combines strategy gameplay with a TCG battler, but in a way where it really doesn’t feel like a TCG title while you are exploring a map. Players will proceed through the campaign mode in this game, following the storyline while commanding their group of Space Marines. Each stage has three objectives that you can complete, one main objective to complete the level and two additional ones for extra rewards and challenge. When you start a stage, it plays out like a turn-based strategy board game, fully renders with 3D troops and environments which are all animated. You’ll move your troops, and then the enemies move, and so on.

Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf Features:

• Combat the Word Bearers
• Level up your party and unlock numerous perks.
• Lead your Space Wolves into fierce battles in glorious, interactive 3D environments.
• Hundreds of weapons and abilities with various mechanics.
• Customise your decks to fit your unique strategy and tactics.
• Victories unlock powerful new weapons, bonuses and tactics cards.
• Evolve your cards at the Iron Priest’s Forge
• Fierce, 3 v 3 close-quarter battles. Use each turn to inflict massive damage on your enemy!
• At the start of each season, leaderboards are reset.

Your weaponry is where the TCG part comes into this game. All your weapons and abilities, including movement, are based off of the cards you currently have in your hand. Each weapon can be upgraded to become stronger as well and there are both melee and guns available. When not working your way through a stage, you can craft new weapons or gain new troops. If you want a break from the campaign mode, there is a PvP mode available to participate in. For extra challenge, each campaign level also has multiple difficulties to complete.

Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf is finally available for download off of Google Play for free and it does include optional IAPs as well.

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