Historical Murder Mystery Game Tales of the Mirror Out Now on the Play Store

Tales of the Mirror is a game that transports you back to ancient China. Not literally, that’d probably make it worth more than a news story. There are murders to solve, puzzles to overcome and a gorgeous art style waiting for you as well.

You’re going to need to fathom out puzzles with multiple layers, recording the information you get from NPCs and using the titular mirror to get to the deeper truths that reside between the lines.

There are multiple endings to unlock, and you’ll get different ones depending on the choices you make while you play. And the gorgeous art style? Here’s a trailer that shows it off perfectly.

We told you it looked good. This is the sort of game that mixes together ideas from visual novels, classic point-and-click adventures and more to great effect. You’ll start playing and then it’ll be the morning.

The game is a premium purchase that’ll set you back $2.99. That sounds like a pretty good deal to us. Click here and you can download Tales of the Mirror from the Play Store right this second.

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