Hometown GP – A 3D real world browser game

This is literally one of the crazier projects I’ve come across in a long time in gaming. Question: What do you get when you combine Flash Player, Unity3D, Google Maps? A browser based wicked looking Flash game that uses real world maps/locations. Throw an Android phone into the mix and now you have portable F1 3D racing in any real city.

Developed by Skive, Hometown GP is a flash racing game which was made using the Unity3D engine for graphics but wait that’s not all! Meshed into it is a unique interface in which you can built custom tracks in real world cities with Google Maps. So say you live in Las Vegas and you’re bored and feel like doing a little F1 racing in Las Vegas. Open up the built-in editor and build your own course inside Las Vegas. Hell it could be any city/country you want.

This was only suppose to be a browser based game but thanks to Android supporting Flash it can now be mobile. I tested this out on my Nexus One and it loads quickly however there are a few quirks if you are running an Android phone without a keyboard. First, which has nothing to do with a keyboard, it takes a couple of tries to select a menu item in-game.

Secondly, the controls are keyboard based. So aside from running into a wall here and there I pretty much had no control. Unfortunately due to the level of graphics and rendering (this wasn’t made for mobile after all) playing this on an older phone with a keyboard (my G1 for instance) was almost impossible. This is of course your G1 is rooted and can support Flash.

Thirdly, even on my Nexus One there was a bit of lag in gameplay probably due to the high level of graphics. It wasn’t a whole lot though and newer phones shouldn’t have an issue.

I do not have access to any new Android phones that have keyboards so at this time it is untested if the controls would even work. The point of all of this is that we could start seeing games of this caliber available in browser based gaming which, when actually developed for mobile browser gaming, could be really great.

If you have a new Android phone with a keyboard, feel free to try out the main game or any of the custom maps linked below and let me know if you can get the controls to work. If not well it is a great game to play in your PC browser too. Either way it is really great to see all of these elements combined and showing the possibilities for browser gaming, just needs to be developed on a more mobile level.

Developer Website: Skive | Developer Blog

Main Game website: Hometown GP (This will start game, also editor)

Pre-made custom maps: (This will start game)


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