Horror movie Rec/Quarantine scares it’s way into Google Play as a game

Castelao Pictures has unleashed a horror game based on the popular Spanish flick “Rec” (short for record). If you’re unfamiliar with the name you may have heard of “Quarantine”. The movie was adapted on the U.S. shores to appeal to U.S market and received mixed reviews. Using a first person view you’ll follow along the story of the the original movie along with it’s sequel.

The game places you in behind the eyes of new reporter Angela Vidal as she investigates strange happenings at an apartment building. Your role will then switch to anĀ unnamedĀ G.E.O.S. from REC 2. In terms of gameplay, Rec is a straight up FPS / Survival zombie game which you can check out in action in the video below. It’s a pretty gruesome game so horror fans should get a kick out of it although don’t expect it to be the next best thing since sliced bread.

Head on the source link to try the game for yourself. Rec will set you back about $1.30 and about 950MB of your SC Card’s space with its secondary download. Please note though that users are complaining that they are having trouble downloading the secondary data. Warning: The description on Google Play is pretty colorful so those easily offended need not apply.

Google Play Link::[REC]

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