How to make your own gaming controls on the Samsung Epic 4G

So you want to make your own control pad for Android gaming on your Samsung Epic 4G because you don’t want to wait until a Game Gripper or some other add-on to come along and support your phone. Well at least one person shares your feelings, and if you don’t use the keyboard on your Epic 4G you can do this yourself as well.

A certain gentleman by the name of Phawx decided to make his own slide-out PSP Go style gaming device. While not really having all the goodies like a D-Pad, it does do the trick. How was it done? He just pulled out the buttons and covered up the holes. That’s it!


Pretty great idea if you don’t mind never using your keyboard for anything else. You can head over to BrainLazy and actually see the steps taken to make this gaming keyboard. I’m sure this is more then possible if you have any other Android phones with keyboards as well. Speaking of which, where did I leave my old G1…

Website Referenced: Androinica

Developer Website: BrainLazy

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