Humble Bundle has another mobile bundle out now with Double Dragon Trilogy, Toy Defense and more

Humble Bundle, the group that sells DRM free games and splits off some of the proceeds for charity, has another mobile bundle in place. This one has a good collection of games, especially for the upper bracket.

For the “pay any price you want” bracket. Humble Bundle will accept any dollar amount (at or above $1) that you are willing to pay, with the following games being included:

– Amelia
– Toy Defense
– One More Line

The second tier requires you to pay more than whatever the average price is, at that moment. It currently includes: 

– Double Dragon Trilogy (review here)
– Autumn Dynasty
– Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath (review here)

By paying above the average price, even by a single penny, you not only get the six games listed, but Humble Bundle adds more to the second tier a few days after the bundle’s launch, so those will be automatically added to your purchase.

Official Website: Humble Mobile Bundle 14

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