In-app purchasing finally goes live for all to enjoy. Expect a lot of freemium games to come.

Last night Google decided that it was time for in-app purchasing to leave the final testing phase it entered last week and go fully live. Also to help with the launch, a few developers have released games featuring in-app purchases already. Of course they were all games which is fine with us! It’s good to see this finally available for everyone.

During the switch being turned on for in-app purchasing to go live, some pretty awesome games got released with in-app purchasing.


We’ve been saying for a long time that this was needed to really liven the Android Market up and for developers to be successful. We’ve also known it was on it’s way for awhile now since Google announced it back in December. As gamers, expect to see a lot more freemium games heading our way where the game will be full version and free but the perks will be what you buy.

If you are a developer, you can get all the awesome details on how to implement in-app purchasing into your game over at the developers section of the Android website.

Developer Website: Android

Website Referenced: Android Developer Blog via Android and Me


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