Industrial Toys starts closed beta sign-ups for their upcoming Midnight Star: Renegade title for Android

Industrial Toys have been working on a pretty interesting looking game called Midnight Star: Renegade that is a combination of RPG and FPS gaming rolled into one title. This particular game is set into the future, and comes with a lot of rather unique features that you would normally find in MMORPGs.

As the story goes, “In 2135 we learned we are not alone in the universe. The discovery marked the beginning of a new era in human history. The Renegade Program was established to make sure it wouldn’t be the end“. So you will be trying to keep humanity from going extinct due to the new alien races that have been uncovered. Combat and world exploration will fall under the FPS genre while everything else runs off RPG mechanics, such as leveling up, strengthening abilities, and even crafting your own weaponry. You can upgrade your current gear as well with things like burst fire or auto fire for close quarters, explosive rocket ordinance, jump boots to let you fly, and so on.

While there’s plenty of campaign content, there’s also multiplayer content as well in the form of FPS PvP. As you get better at this, you’ll be able to earn ranks. The higher your rank, the more you can upgrade your gear. Players will also be able to enter into daily, weekly and monthly challenges and earn additional rewards. All of the movement in this game is free as well, so it isn’t anything like an on-rails shooter.

Right now Industrial Toys is allowing Android users to sign up for closed beta testing of Midnight Star: Renegade, which you can do over on the game’s official website. You can also check out more details about this game over there. Right now there is no specific release date outside of ‘coming soon’, but we will be going hands-on with Midnight Star: Renegade at E3 2016. You can check out some of the gameplay in action with the video below.

Official Website: Midnight Star: Renegade

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