Day: 10 June 2016


Check out Lost Frontier from Mika Mobile, a strategy game in the old west with a touch of Steam Punk and the Supernatural

Released by Mika Mobile, Lost Frontier is a new turn-based strategy game for Android. Set in the old west, players will seek to survive in a world that has been impacted by both steam punk technology, as well as the supernatural. Players will choose a “living legend”, such as John McGraw who can provide a bonus to units like the Posse, Calvary, and Gunslinger, Wyaty Wilcox who boosts the Rifleman, Cannons, and Gatling Gus, or Doc Valentine who pumps the Doctors and Chuck Wagons, or one of several others.


Lenovo demos ‘smart sneakers’ that function as game controllers

Developed by Lenovo, and created in collaboration with Vibram, there are a new set of smart shoes that could one day be set to enter the market. Among other things, they’ll be able to track both step counting as well as how many calories are burned, allow the user to participate in fitness competitions, custom lighting, and music interaction, and allow users to receive health tips derived from a special insole. Oh, and it also will double as a game controller.


Manage and expand your own transit station in Kairosoft’s newest release called Station Manager

Released by Kairosoft, Station Manager is the newest game in their sim/management franchise. We actually reported on this game heading to mobile devices earlier this week, so it is good to see Kairosoft launching a game they were teasing so quickly. In Station Manager, as you are probably guessing, players are tasked with overseeing the smooth operation of a transit station.


[UPDATE: Cinematic Trailer] Dawnbringer is an open-world RPG from Kiloo Games. It is coming to Android June 16th! But you can play the beta now!

Kiloo Games continues to release fun action games for Android and iOS devices. Quickly on the heels of their most recent releases Spellbinders and Tesla Tubes, is a new open-world RPG that they have just announced today. The next game in Kiloo’s library of games will be Dawnbringer. If you fancy story driven role-playing games, then Dawnbringer is a game you will want to check out. It will arrive for Android devices June 16th. If you want to get in on the beta you can!