int13 unleashes their bullet hell shmup Shogun onto Android

Back near the end of January of this year we posted about a bullet hell shoot-em-up (or Shmup for short) that would be coming from our friends over at int13 called Shogun. Well for all you shmup fans out there who have been waiting for this title, it has now been released onto Android.

For those of you who do not know the difference between a normal shoot-em-up game and a bullet hell one, in a normal shooter you stand a chance at surviving while casually playing. Bullet hell shoot-em-ups on the other hand, throw everything at you while you leaving you to attempt to dodge a plethora of bullets, lasers, kitchen sinks and whatever else the enemy wants to shoot at you, leaving you a crack here and there for you to use to dodge said incoming artillery. This is, of course, while you try to kill everything as well.

Shogun Features:

– Classic bullet-hell shooting action
– Pixel perfect retro design atop hi-res 3D backgrounds
– HD Graphics
– Superb Electro-rock soundtrack by French band Yubaba Smith & Fortune
– Witty bosses with humorous lines
– Bullet-time weapon menu
– Worldwide, cross-platform leaderboard

The above description of a bullet hell shooter might seem to contain a bit of frustration. That is because a good bullet hell shmup is as frustrating to play as they are addictive and enjoyable. It is a good kind of frustration. Since int13 released Shogun onto iOS recently, it has been very well received and fits this category of a good, frustrating, addictive bullet hell shooter.

Shogun comes in two flavors, a free demo version for you to try out and a full version that you can purchase for $2.49. If you are a fan of shmup games, this is definitely one to try out. You can check the game out in action in the trailer below.

Developer Website: int13

Android Market Link: Shogun

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