Langrisser, Fire Emblem’s Biggest SRPG Competitor, is Up for Pre-Registration in South East Asia

Langrisser Mobile Android

Langrisser is finally coming to South East Asia, and you can pre-register for it right now to grab it as soon as it arrives on Google Play.

Do so and you’ll grab yourself a limited edition Soldier Skin just for your trouble. You can pre-register on the official site right now.

Langrisser Offers a Limited Edition Soldier Skin to All That Pre-Register

Langrisser is a mobile exclusive entry in the long-running franchise. It tells a brand new story that reunites your favourite heroes.

The tactical RPG gameplay is very much intact. You’ll battle it out on a grid in over 300 different stages, levelling up your heroes along the way.

When they reach certain milestones, you can upgrade each character into one of a number of different classes to change up their playstyle.

Langrisser’s Google Play page is already up, so you can head on over there to learn more about the game. You can pre-register by clicking the link at the top of this page.

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