Dungeon Management Sim Legend Of Keepers Coming To Android

Feature image for our Legend Of Keepers Android version news. It shows a fight screen where a party of adventurers are battling a dryad-like monster.

The newest Playdigious mobile port has entered pre-registration, and the Legend Of Keepers Android version is a rogue-lite management sim that turns the dungeon crawler on its head. You can pre-register now via Google Play to receive a 30% discount on the price.

If you’ve spent much time in the world of fantasy games you’ve probably raided a dungeon or two. It’s what you do in many games. You venture into the depths, fight monsters, and find whatever loot they were guarding. Sometimes it’s good to have a change, though.

It’s Good To Be Bad

Legend Of Keepers lets you experience playing as the other side of the struggle.

In the game, you take on the role of a Dungeon Manager. It’s up to you to stop all those pesky heroes sneaking in and making off with the treasure. You’ll need to hire the fiercest monsters you can find and stock up on vicious traps.

Parties of warriors and mages will break into your dungeon and it’s up to you to place the nasties in their way and eat up their health bars.

In between incursions by the average D&D party, you’ll be living out the day-to-day corporate life of evil middle management. You can train your minions, get your engineers to work on new traps, and send monsters on business trips. Keep at it and you’ll be up for a promotion.

A Developer With An Excellent Track Record

Playdigious is a developer with a good history of bringing games over to Android. It’s responsible for Dead Cells, Northgard, Cultist Simulator and The Almost Gone making their debuts on the platform.

As you might expect from a studio with experience, a number of features were built especially to adapt to mobile gaming.

There’s a revamped interface and reported controller support. Most importantly for some, there are no microtransactions whatsoever, purchasing the game gets you all the content it has to offer from the very beginning.

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