Little Nightmares Android Release Delayed

Feature image for our Little Nightmares Android news piece. It shows Six stood alone in a room full of abandoned shoes.

Waiting eagerly for the Little Nightmares Android port? Well, you might have to wait a bit longer. In a tweet on the official Twitter, developer Playdigious announced a release delay.

The mobile ports were originally scheduled for a Winter release, but with the new announcement, we can’t be certain when we’ll see a release. Playdigious have kept their cards pretty close to their chest, with the statement indicating a ‘later date this year’.

A Blessing In Disguise?

The developer cites a need to polish the game further as the reason for the delay. While delays might seem like bad news, suspending a release to avoid an inferior-quality product is definitely the better option. No one wants an unfinished game.

Playdigious isn’t a stranger to porting successful PC and consoles to mobile. The studio might well be behind the ports of some of your favorite premium titles. Dead Cells, Shredder’s Revenge, and Streets Of Rage 4 are some of the studio’s previous efforts.

Little Nightmares is quite a different project from any of the other popular ports, but it’s definitely one that we’d love to see on Android.

A Bleak And Creepy Masterpiece

The game is a puzzle platformer set in The Maw, a hideous ocean craft populated by monstrous beings who imprison children to be eaten. You take on the role of Six, a young girl in a yellow coat who breaks free from captivity.

You stand no chance against the disturbing staff of the place, so you must use your wits to evade capture and escape the Maw’s grim depths. It’s atmospheric, it’s scary, and its dark tone and artfully disturbing design definitely make it worth a look.

If this sounds compelling, but you’re sad at having to wait, then don’t despair. The prequel, Very Little Nightmares is available now on Google Play. That might tide you over.

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