Lost In Harmony is an upcoming narrative music game from the folks who made Valiant Hearts

Some of the team behind the rather great game Valiant Hearts has joined forces with some other game developers to form Digiart Entertainment. During the Tokyo Game Show 2015, the company debuted its upcoming release for mobile devices called Lost In Harmony.

While there isn’t a ton of details just yet about this game, the crew behind it describe the game as a ‘narrative music game’ where players follow the story of Kaito, a teenage boy looking to grow up and overcome his fears. In order to accomplish this, his possibly maybe soon-to-be girlfriend Aya is there to help him out. She rides on his back as he skateboards through the world, which doesn’t seem like it is actually much help at all.

As Kaito skateboards around the world he will be confronting his fears of crowds, water, heights, and just about everything else you could have a fear of. Each chapter in the game focuses on one particular fear he has. The actual gameplay has players moving Kaito side-to-side to avoid obstacles while tapping out rhythms of the soundtrack at the same time. This actually seems like a lot to do all at once. The music is across all genres from classical to new tracks from Wyclef Jean apparently.

As for when Lost In Harmony will arrive onto Android, right now there is a general January 2016 release time frame. So there is still a bit of a wait ahead of us.

Website Referenced: Game Informer

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