Manage your farm into an economic power house in Barnyard Factory, now out on Google Play

Released by Gurkin Apps, Barnyard Factory is a new management/sim game to be released on to the Android platform. In this game, as one might suspect from the name, players will be assuming control of a farm. That being said, the scope of this game isn’t narrowly defined to things such as simply raising crops, but instead the scope is a more end-to-end.

This is because players will also be minding livestock, as well as managing the business side of things as well. Effectively, players will plant crops or raise animals, harvest them, and sell them to customers in a shop, with all the necessary steps in between. You will need to both procure as well as both fixing as well as running farm equipment, tend to the livestock by building pens and managing fertilizer, hire and manage a staff of employees in the shop, do market research.

Barnyard Factory Features:

– Our barnyard game does not require Internet access to play
– Connect with family and friends on Facebook and share your success along the way
– Tons of fun and challenging levels
– Get free diamonds just for playing on Saturdays and Sundays
– 60 different achievements waiting to be completed
– Complete farm world game from harvesting to selling products in your shop
– Fun sounds to immerse yourself in the farmyard environment
– Daily gifts to help complete difficult levels
– Cute pets on your animal farm such as cows, chickens, pigs, a hen and a rooster.
– Dairy farming will make you a lot of money if handled properly.
– Grow your cow, pig and chicken farm to become a huge success.

This will be managed in a farm that can eventually grow into a successful campus, with buildings that specialize in some of the things in the aforementioned list. All of this is done to see how much money the farm can raise, as well as completing time sensitive tasks.

Barnyard Factory is available for free from Google Play and does contain optional IAPs.

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